Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, it has been a very long time since I posted an update, and I have no idea if anyone still reads this blog, but I thought it couldn't hurt to drop in and say hello.

The babies are six and a half months old now (adjusted) and I will go back to work part-time from late February.  Pearl and Emerson will be going to a daycare centre in my building, so hopefully that won't be to traumatic for all involved. I am looking forward to having more adult company again and I think the babies will benefit from having a change of scenery a few times each week.  There is only so much I can do to amuse them in our apartment! And Emerson is a little tank of a boy who likes to move around :)

Our little (big) family is in a really great place right now after a very tough few months.  After we came home we went from Colic and Reflux and milk allergies to feeding issues and horrific sleep problems.  It all got very wild for a while there but thankfully we were offered a place at our local sleep school in December.  That event was life changing and I will always be indebted to our child health nurse and GP who referred us.  The babies now sleep in the same room for 12-13 hours each night, and nap together three times a day.  The Reflux is under control with medication and everyone is happy and well rested.  I am starting to look and feel more like a normal person and I am really enjoying my babies. I think they're enjoying life a whole bunch right now too.

Looking back I can see that we underestimated how much support we'd need for twins, and I was completely naive about what would happen to my body in the months following childbirth.  If I could go back in time I would have attended physio each week during my pregnancy to minimise my abdominal muscle separation (I'm planning on having my muscles and hernia repaired surgically later this year) and I would have made provision for a part-time au-pair. Whilst Clayton and I survived those months running on two to three hours sleep, I don't think it's good enough to merely "survive" for so long.  I was told that we would live in a crazy, demented state for six weeks with a newborn and that sounded awful enough, but twenty-four weeks was far too long.  It was a huge shock to discover that after reaching our long-held dream of being parents, there was still a very difficult chapter awaiting us.

I know our situation wasn't especially unusual for premmie twins but I hate that we missed out on so much joy.  However, I do believe our rocky start is making this part of the journey all the more sweet.  Someone told me that when your baby begins sleeping through the night you fall in love with them all over again.  For us, that has been spot on.  We cuddle and kiss them and converse endlessly about how amazing they are and it feels just like it did when they were first born.  Euphoric.  I am besotted with my family and I feel so contented with my life.  That is a very big change for restless old me.  I feel like I've spent my whole life waiting for things and chasing things and I've never been settled.  It is amazing how babies force you to live in the moment.

I've attached some photos of us all.  The Christmas ones were actually taken in October (for our family Christmas card!) and the others are just fun snaps, taken from the thousands on my iPhone.

I hope that everyone out there is well.  I hope that whilst on your journey to parenthood, life is kind.  And I hope that you never lose hope.


  1. Hi Siobhan,

    I still read, and so glad to hear you are doing much better and enjoying life with Pearl & Emerson. The new photos are absolutely gorgeous, you have made good babies there!!

    I'm now due in May with my little PGD miracle and we have 3 more embies in the deep freeze if we decide to go again. So grateful for this technology and the amazing, intelligent and caring people who have looked after us.

    My best wishes & I'll keep checking in in case you get around to updates in the future, amongst the busy-ness of life.

    bright * future from EB. :)

    1. Oh I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I was only thinking about you the other day, hoping that you had gotten pregnant :) PGD and IVF are such gifts and I am so happy to hear you were well looked after by your FS and his/her staff. Frozens are amazing as well :) I hope the last few months of your pregnancy are comfortable and I hope to hear more updates from you as time goes by. Please drop me a line to my gmail if you like: xx

  2. Lovely to hear an update, what gorgeous babies you have! xx Emma

  3. Hi Siobhan

    Glad to hear you are all doing well. It's not long before the babies turn 1! How exciting!!!


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